Thursday, December 6, 2012

I am sorry I haven't updated my blog lately.  To be frank with you I have been a little discouraged with the progress of my new studio space and so have been slow to update with no new news.  I have been painting and caulking little open cracks so tomorrow I hope to paint more. I will bring my camera with me and snap a few photos to let you see the progress.  I was again hoping I would be in my space by December 15 but it's not looking to good.  I think God is try to teach me patience and perseverance.
But in the mean time my little websites are ticking away!!
A side note, this week I lost a sweet uncle, my Fathers brother Paul.  May he rest in peace and I pray he experiences the peace that passes all understanding up in heaven.  Rest in peace uncle Paul!!

Paul is the second from the left.  These are the Sheetz boys with Grandma Mamie from back in the day.  My Dad is the second from the left with the mustache.

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