Saturday, March 24, 2012

Last night at Starline Art Gallery was tons of fun.  Almost everyone there was dressed in either all black or all white.  Thank you everyone who stopped by my studio.  I got a lot of ooo's and ahh's towards my jewelry designs.  I appreciate that and it was a great confidence booster.

I just published  my new class schedule. I will  keep you posted with class attendence  and other updates.  To the right you will see my class schedule tab.  Just click that and please feel free to comment at the bottom for any suggestions.

Here are some newer pictures of the studio.  I still have lots of work to do but it's coming along.  I had a little time blip in February because I got socked with the flu.  Getting back to work and  in an exercise routine has been tough but my daughter Ellie dragged me out for a 3 mile jog today.
Don't forget to check out my class schedule...Talk to you all soon...