Thursday, May 24, 2012

Good morning friends!! I am up with the sun this lovely day!  I was at my new studio space the other evening and took some photos. My new bigger and better studio space is in it's beginning stages of completion.  Here are some pictures.  This is twice the size of my current studio which will make a great retail space.  I will continue weekly updates with photos and Starline updates.  (For those of you who are new to what Starline is, It's a old farm implement factory from the 1800's refurbished into artist studio's,  an Art gallery and teaching center located in Harvard Illinois)
Very Industrial!!

I love the brick wall and the huge beams.

A window view hoping to bring in lots of light.

More beamage!!
So here I go jumping in a little deeper antisipated what God will bring!!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Me in my back yard!!
Now you can understand why
I plan on opening my new shop Wednesday - Saturday.
I will be mowing and pulling weeds on my days off..
Hi Everyone!!

I haven't put any new post up lately because I am making one more change to my Studio at Starline.
I am moving into a bigger space and will be opening my bead shop, selling my jewelry and will be incorporating my antiques. I have not decided on a  name so any suggestions would be helpful.  My husband came up with the name Katherine's Beads, Vintage and Baubles.  I am not so sure about that one.  I like Katherine's Bead Loft and Vintage finds.  It's kind of long though.  They are working on my new studio as I type and it will be double in size.  Yeah!!! Lots of room for beads, jewelry, antiques and more.  I will have regular store hours Wednesday through Saturday 10 to 5 and will also be willing to open to appointment for those of you who can't make it out on that schedule. I will continue to sell my beads jewelry and antiques online too.  I will be moving out of the Country Church in Crystal Lake soon.  But lets keep that to ourselves until I give Teresa ( the antique shop owner) notice. I also hope to keep my classes going but I need someone to sign up for them first.  So keep coming back for future updates and my grand opening date.

My current antique booth at
The Country Church in Ridgefield, Crystal Lake
Also I hope to see you at Mays 4th Friday at Starlines Art Gallery.  It's 6 to 9 and $5.00 at the door..
More goodies at the Country Church...
Oh my booths Name is My Mothers Daughter.  My Mom is in it with me...
She's the antique expert and I am her student..