Saturday, April 27, 2013

Aprils 4th Friday was another wonderful night filled with lots of newcomers to Starline.  It's so fun see the reaction on peoples faces as they explore the Factory with awe.  I had lots of new and returning customers.  Thanks everyone for your encouragement and support of my bead and jewelry studio. 
This Saturday April 27th my doors will be closed to retail hours.  My daughter is home from college for the weekend and we are spending time shopping for baby items for my little grandson who will be born sometime in June. Then my daughter in law will be having her first baby shower on Sunday. 

I do have some news about the status of my studio at Starline.  I will be making yet another move. Call me crazy but I am leaving Starline at the end of May to reopen Katherine's Beads located off the Woodstock square at 116 E. Calhoun St. Through lots of pray and long talks with my husband we have made the decision to leave the beautiful Starline.  Business has been slow and we realize Woodstock would be a better location for  retail.  We are taking over the Blossom Shop on Calhoun St. right on the perimeter of the Woodstock square.  What I love about this location is number one, the shop space itself is larger and brighter than my old space on the square and number two it has a parking lot right beside it for my customers.  What more could I ask for. 

I will be staying at Starline through May and will be participating in the two events planned.  May 10th is a open studio night for the public to come and join the artists as they feature their new upcoming spring arts and crafts and of course the May 4th Friday event.

I look forward to seeing everyone soon. 

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Good morning!  Today April 6th my little bead shop won't be open until 12:00.  I look forward to seeing you then....